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Matinee Club

The Matinee Club is a mailing list for those members who enjoy going to the theatre - and who especially like heavily discounted ticket prices!  We love going to the West End, to see musicals and plays, and we especially enjoy going to the summer musical at Chichester Festival Theatre in Sussex.


The Matinee Club is open to all members of the Association free of charge, and you can take as many guests of any age as you wish with you (unless we specify otherwise for a specific reason, e.g.  limited numbers or seniors only). 


If you would like to be on the mailing list for the Matinee Club, which is free to join, just send us a message through this website's "Contact Us" page, giving us your name and email address.   For those friends without an email address, we can send you offers through the post if you would kindly send us a donation of second class stamps to cover postage.

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